FL-8 SE Questions

A competitor boasts a higher watt unit. I’ve been told to go for the wattage. What should I do?

Power output is only one of the factors in the operation of a depth finder. It measure how much "punch" a sonar transmitter has. Other sonar specifications, such as receiver sensitivity, sonar resolution, and display resolution have just as big of an effect on the overall performance of the unit.

I’m Color-Blind. Can you help me?

Yes, we do offer a service fix for you. By changing the green color to a blue, most color-blind people can recognize the difference between the colors. Units that can be converted are: FL-8SLT, FL-8SE, FL-12, FL-18 and FL-20. Learn all about this service update here.   http://www.vexilar.com/blog/2014/12/29/blue-light-conversion

Does the FL-8 SE work as good on the boat as the ice?

Yes, but differently. On the open water it is difficult to see your bait because the motion of the boat. On the open water you use the unit to see structure, quick depth changes, and fish. We recommend that you mount the flasher next to your LCD graph. You will be amazed at what you've been missing.

What is the smallest ounce bait I should be able to see on the FL-8 SE?

It is not so much the weight of the target, but the visible surface area of the bait that the unit sees from above. The more horizontal surface area the larger the target will appear on the display.

I have an FL-8 SE standard range unit, but would like the deeper unit. What can I do?

Send the unit in to ourservice shop. We can convert it to the other model for a nominal charge.

Can I have my older FL-8 or FL-8 SLT upgraded to an FL-8 SE?

No it cannot. Well, not cheaply anyway. The differences in circuitry between the older FL-8s and the SE version are too great to make upgrades available. The cost would approach that of a new unit.

How do you read the correct depth on the FL-8 SE?

The range control setting tells you how to interpret the depth displayed on the screen. The S numbers are white. This tells you to look at the white numbers on the outside of the depth scale. The D numbers are yellow. For these settings, you look at the yellow numbers on the inside of the display. A setting of S-1 would tell you to read the white numbers on the display as your depth. If the range control is set on S-2. This tells you to look at the white numbers and multiply the reading by two. Therefore, a bottom indication at 12 feet, on the display, needs to be doubled to get the actual depth of 24 feet. If the range setting was S-4, you would read the depth as 48 feet. The same method holds true for the D settings, only you read the yellow numbers on the depth scale. Still confused?Download the Owner's Manualorwatch an instructional video.