FL-18 Questions

Can the FL-18 be converted to a Deep Range like the SE?

Yes, and no. If your unit is newer than a 2010 model of the FL18, it cannot be changed. IF it is older than 2010, thenthe last range would change from 200 feet to 300 feet. This custom conversion needs to be done by ourservice department.

Does the FL-18 have Interference Rejection like the FL-8SE?

Yes, although the control is slightly different. There are ten IR settings controlled by pressing in on the Gain control.

Will my old FL-8 transducer work with the FL-18?

Yes, all transducer and accessories are fully interchangeable between the FL-8s and the FL-18.

What improvements does the FL-18 have over the FL-8?

There are three main improvements over the FL-8. First is the split-screen zoom, second is the Low Power Mode, and third are the much brighter display lights.