Fish Scout Questions

My FishScout DTD is in Meteric. How do I change it to English units?

Turn the Fish Scout monitor ON, then locate the DTD controller box. Press and hold the button for 5 seconds. The units should now be displayed in English.

What about fogging or a cloudy monitor display?

Water contamination in your camera housing will often appear as a foggy or cloudy display. Don't confuse this with dirty water. Above the water, the monitor display will always be foggy or cloudy. When this happens all the time, then you know you have water contamination. This is NOT repairable and must be replaced. This IS a warranty issue for the first two years of purchase, after that, you will need to purchase a replacement camera. For service or warranty return back to the factory ONLY the camera and Cable for replacement (along with proof of purchase of course if it is under warranty)

Why does my DTD direction display keep moving?

The digital sensor inside your camera is extremely sensitive and not at all like traditional analog systems like a hand held compass. But like a hand held compass, if you get too near metal, the signal will change. The key with the DTD system for testing is to be free from metal Even a metal building will affect the super sensitive sensors inside your DTD camera. The second key factor is to keep the monitor base unit level and stable. The calibration switch located under the monitor on the base of your unit actually talks with your camera and if both are moving at the same time, it may get confused. If you move the monitor and base from spot to spot, it is always best to sit the Monitor down in one place for a short period to allow the camera to find itself again.

My camera is leaking! Why is this happening?

Dont worry! Your camera is not leaking, it is the water coming from inside the protective shell that surrounds your actual camera housing. The Vexilar camera housing is designed to allow water to flow inside the protective housing to give you better balance in the water with less weight . This is normal to see a trail of water come from the camera when you remove it from the water.

How do I mount my Dual or Tri Beam switch box to the case?

If you wish to mount your switch box to your Double Vision system without sonar you will find that there are holes pre-drilled to fit either your Tri-Beam control switch or your Dual Beam control switch. Use a flat screwdriver or even a butter knife to slowly pry off your switch box to your current Pro Pack or Ultra Pack case and save the little plastic rivets that hold your switch box into position. Use the same plastic rivets to re-attach your switch box to your Double vision by pressing them into the new hole positions.

I would like to mount my Fish Scout in my boat, do you have a bracket for it?

Great idea for sure and it works great in open water. Vexilar does offer an Open water kit option for the camera systems that consists of a sun hood, mounting bracket, Vexilar Quick Release mount and wire harness. Check it out on-line under Vexilar accessories. Kindle or Microsoft surface laptops?

Not at this time.

I have a Fish Scout and a Vexilar and would like to make my own Double Vision system, is that possible?

Sorry to say that for the 2011/12 season, we WILL NOT have the Double Vision case only option available. Demand for the Double Vision systems far outpaced our projections and so all cases were made into completed Double Vision systems. Double Vision cases alone WILL BE available for the 2012/13 season for a price of $99.95, this includes the case and the soft pack carry case.

Can I upgrade my FS1000 system by just buying a DTD camera?

Unfortunately, not. The FS1000 camera system cannot be upgraded by simply buying the DTD camera and control box. It requires a complete change because the software in the new DTD monitors are different than the standard monitors.

How do I calibrate the depth on my Fish Scout DTD system?

Complete instructions are in the on-line owner's manual onpage 17. You can also watch thishow-to video.