Battery and Charging Questions

What is Vexilar’s Warranty on Ice Fishing Batteries?

The battery warranty is covered under a pro-rated performance guarantee. Failure to properly care for battery is not the responsibility of Vexilar. Here are the details of the battery coverage from Date of Purchase (Proof of purchase will be required):

Less than 30 days from purchase date - Full replacement.
Less than six months and greater than 30 days - $12.00 plus shipping.
Greater than six months and less than one year - $20.00 plus shipping.
Over one year and less than two years - $25.00 plus shipping.
Over two years - No warranty - New purchase price $34.95.

My Ultra Pack Battery won’t charge, what should I do?

Be sure to turn the Master Power Switch to the ON (|) position. This switch effectively disconnects the battery from everything else. If you charge with the switch off, the Battery Status Indicator will light up, but the battery won't get charged.

Does my Vexilar Battery have a memory?

 No. It is best to get in the habit of charging the battery after every use. The "fuller" you keep the battery, the longer it will last you. That's both in hours and years.

How long should I charge my battery?

If it is a Vexilar charger, charge until the indicator light tells you the battery is full. If not, you will need to find a way to measure the battery voltage. Generally, the charge should reach at least 14.5 volts, but not be allowed to go beyond 15 volts (measured while charging). A voltage meter can tell you this.