From Ice to Open Water

You already know that the Vexilar flashers are the best depth finders around for ice fishing. Now, see for yourself how good it is on the open water. We offer several options depending on where and how you want to mount your unit. There are two types of  to choose from; High Speed or Puck Style. You would choose the High Speed transom mount transducer if you want to maintain readings while the boat is up on plane. This transducer mounts on the transom of the boat. Choose the Puck Style if you plan on mounting to an electric trolling motor or it can be used for in-hull mounting applications.


There are three main ways to convert
your ice system into an open water system

  • Get an Open Water Kit. They come with either the High Speed or Puck style transducers, the unit and transducer mounting brackets, and a power cord with fuse and terminals. Install the Open Water Kit and leave your ice fishing kit intact. Simply move your flasher from the ice kit to your boat when the ice goes away. You must have a battery already in the boat.


  • Get just the transduceryou want and mount it to your boat. This way you use your ice kit as a summer portable unit. Set your kit on the boat seat or floor and plug in the transducer. That’s all there is to it. This method works well if you have no battery in your boat.


  • Don’t have a boat? Get a transducer and a suction cup mounting bracket. This way you can bring your Vexilar along in your friends boat or use it in a rental. Or save some money and use the Simple In-Hull method.