Double Your Ice Fishing Success

The All new Double Vision by Vexilar will open your eyes to an exciting new way of fishing and understanding what goes on below the ice. For years, Vexilar has been the innovator and leader in three-color flasher sonar technology and truly catapulted modern day ice fishing to what it is today. Vexilar has become a household name with anglers, and to their credit, Vexilar products have stood the test of time as well with over a million units on the ice today and many over ten years old and still working like new. The efforts from the engineers at Vexilar dont stop with just three- color flashers now, the Fish Scout camera systems amazed anglers with the new wide screen LCD color display and the fact that you can use the system for over 12 hours on a single battery charge. With this breakthrough energy efficiencyand slim profileit made it possible for Vexilar to create the ultimate fishing machine for the winter angler and it is called the Double Vision. On top of leading the field in efficiency, you also have a lightweight, leak-proof camera capping off a list of elite qualities. This is a system that incorporates a Vexilar Flasher sonar AND a Fish Scout color monitor into one stand-alone system. The Double Vision system gives anglers the flexibility of using either the camera or the sonar to more fully understand what is going on below the ice. And this season the new DTD camera systems have gone to a new level with the first digital Depth, Temperature and Direction display on the monitor so you know exactly where your camera is below you and where it is pointing. Vexilar has answered the call of ice anglers by putting together all the bells and whistles in one exceptional and affordable package.

Benefits of having the Double Vision: Both units are together, making your job as an angler easier and more focused on catching fish. Portability, organization, efficiency these are a just a few simple terms that come to mind. Learn how your flasher works better Understand the many variables with sonar by tying the flasher right into the underwater camera, allowing you to actually see whats occurring in relation to the image portrayed on your flasher. This is education at its finest, and something that anglers of all levels can benefit from. Its entertainment for both kids and adults its no secret that watching fish swim around brings excitement to anglers of all ages, and actually watching a fish eat your presentation jump-starts your adrenaline and makes even the coldest days on the ice seem warm!

There are basically two types of Double Vision packs. One comes with an FL-20 flasher along with the camera and monitor. The other Double vision pack comes without the flasher. So, if you have an existing Vexilar, you can combine your current Vexilar Flasher with the Fish Scout and create your own Double Vision pack. The Double Vision system without sonar comes pre-wired to power either the FL-8 or FL-18 or the FL-12, FL-20 or FL-22 systems. Remember though, you can incorporate any Vexilar flasher into the Double Vision system by purchasing either the FSDV01 or FSDV01DT, which come with your choice of camera but allow for the addition of your favorite Vexilar flasher unit. So, no matter the Vexilar flasher you currently own, you know have an option to turn your system in a powerful one-two-punch! Vexilar is very excited to introduce the new line-up of Double Vision systems and were happy to answer the demands of the modern ice angler. Have fun out there and enjoy your Double Vision system!

Good Fishing,

Matt Johnson